About Us

                        Directors : Johann Potgieter and Andries Dippenaar

XCOM’s key focus is as a provider of innovative solutions in the “UniFied Communications” space. XCOM’s play in this space has been facilitated by convergence which itself has been made possible by the confluence of three key elements namely: 

Ø Liberalisation of the telecommunications sector

Ø Enabling technology and

Ø Innovative business modelling.

The coming together of these three elements has created major opportunities for a new-age telecoms company like XCOM. 

The XCOM Platform allows efficient, high-quality and low-cost delivery of mobile/fixed voice, data, video, and any other service capable of being delivered over an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

 XCOM has positioned itself to assist the Government (and its organs) and the private sector to meet their key strategic and development goals. At a holistic level, this eco-system is directed towards assisting government to meet its key strategic and development goals which are:

Ø Service Delivery

Ø Economic Development

Ø Poverty alleviation

Ø Skills development

Ø Empowerment and transformation

Ø Universal Access (i.e. Basic telephony in underserviced areas)

 These central goals translate into the following:

 Ø Reduction of telecoms and related operating costs

Ø Improve operational efficiencies

Ø Enhance service delivery

Ø Promote and facilitate local economic development

Ø Improve revenue flow and management thereof

Ø Facilitate efficient communications with their residents.

Ø Improve public security and reduce crime 

XCOM has received numerous enquiries from interested telecoms partners in Africa and currently operates in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho.  XCOM can now leverage the significant benefits and cost advantages accrued through owning its own locally developed and manufactured technology platform to take on the incumbents in the race for market share, particularly as a provider of unified communications services to all local entities.

 XCOM’s positioning as a solutions provider to the African public sector is unique as amplified by its USP (unique selling proposition) as enumerated hereunder: 

 Ø Locally Developed and Owned Technology (carrier-grade/robust/innovative)

Ø Ten year history with solid track record into capacity to deliver

Ø Extensive Resource Base (SA/Namibia/Lesotho/Botswana)

Ø Key Strategic Alliances with Industry Leaders

Ø Entrepreneurial Driven Co/Management team made up of Industry Stalwarts